First Demo Tutorial
This "First Demo" is meant to introduce new users to the key features of otsdaq in a short period of time (it may take an hour or two to install, depending on your network connection, and another hour or two to go through the tutorial steps). All you need is a computer with a keyboard, mouse, and at least 10 GB of space; any operating system will do!

This tutorial will start from a blank slate and walk you through the steps to connect otsdaq to a hardware emulator, save the emulator data, and visualize the data. If you go through each step one-by-one, we hope you will gain a sense of how easy it could be to use otsdaq for your own DAQ needs.

Here is a block diagram of the system you will put together as you go through the demo:

Here is a video version of the tutorial that you can follow along with:
(the video starts with Virtual Box installed and the VM already downloaded)
How the Tutorial Works
The demo is segmented into topics shown as icons below. Click the icon to start that section of the tutorial. We recommend using the Firefox or Chrome web browser for viewing the topics.

Presentation Mode: Each section can be put into "Presentation Mode" (which may help you focus on one step at a time, or keep track of where you left off). You can toggle "Presentation Mode" by clicking the link at the TOP-RIGHT of each section.

Presentation Mode Hot-Keys:
F = full-screen, I = zoom-in, O = zoom-out, 
 = prev-slide,  or SPACE = next-slide.
The Tutorial Steps
Contact Us
If you run into issues there is a user community forum that you can email: You can subscribe to the email forum by sending a blank subject email to with the body...

And, if you are really stuck, or just want to say hello, you can email the otsdaq developers:

For additional reading related to otsdaq, we suggest the following documents:
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  • Thanks,

    The otsdaq Team